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Floor Maintenance

Have you noticed how welcoming a freshly waxed floor can look?!

floorYour floor makes up for more than 40% of your commercial interiors. With visible space that large, it is important to keep your floor safe and presentable. After all floor maintenance is our top priority.

Hygiene –

If you facility serves food or medical in nature, hygiene is supreme. We take utmost care that your floor is immaculate and germ free clean.

Sanitized and Clean –

We use the most industry accepted cleaning supplies. This means your floor will be sanitized and disinfected. And not only is it clean, it smells great. No dangerous fumes hazardous to your health.

We use top of the line equipment and best cleaning supplies to ensure that we do the best job we can. We pay special attention to any allergies and hypoallergenic requests. Feel free to discuss with us further should you have any concerns.

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